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Dovetail Construction Management is a quality oriented residential construction management firm. We excel at the overall building and renovation experience using our 30+ years of construction expertise.  We have skilled craftsmen & supplier partners who assist us in this mission.  Let us help you to bring your dreams to life. Our passion is creating awesome projects and experiences for our clients.


02 portfolio

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03 clients

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03 Client Testimonials

"Bryan is the best! He skillfully managed a huge remodel of our home (gutted most of first floor and added second floor). Bryan is an expert at managing a project in terms of cost and timeline and he is a master of organization and detail. He also has an outstanding aptitude for design and helped us create the home we had dreamed of"......Elaina & John O'Toole Annapolis, Maryland


"When we were looking for a contractor to renovate our 50 year old+ master bath and kitchen, we interviewed several companies and chose Bryan Whittington at Dovetail CM for these 

5 reasons: Past Performance, Attention to detail, Creativity, Communication throughout the job and

 Overall Value . Bryan creates an environment that is collaborative with the homeowner and has the rare ability to explain very complex construction processes in simple, easy to understand laymen's terms.  
It's been a few years since we did our renovations and we wouldn't change anything from the design to who we partnered with to do the work.   Thanks again Bryan!" .......Joe & Diana Muscarella Potomac, Maryland 


Bryan brought an excellent level of creativity to our whole house renovation that resulted in a wonderfully well finished home. His suggestions while working with our architect along the way made all the difference. We highly recommend him and Jane whenever we have the chance. He has presently begun a renovation for my son and his wife on their newly purchased home in Bethesda, MD so that speaks to our level of satisfaction....Michelle & Brice Halbrook, Bethesda, Maryland


We used Bryan to do a major renovation of our house in Bethesda. He found us an incredible architect, did an amazing job helping us with the design, and ultimately delivered a great product. Our renovation project even ended up winning the Finest for Family Living Award. We had such a great experience with Bryan, that we have used him again as a consultant on a vacation home. I have recommended him to friends and neighbors many times, and will happily do so in the future.

Ann & Matt Snowling...Bethesda, Maryland


I bought a house that had last been remodeled 60 years ago. It was a big undertaking for me. Bryan was there every step of the way and gave me the confidence it was going to turn out great. His advice was spot on for everything from how to best allocate budget and design decisions to fixtures and appliances. His subs are wonderful and all enthusiastically cheered my progress. The house came out wonderfully! I get compliments every time someone steps in the front door and gets a first glimpse of the living room ceiling "Oh, Wow!". We put in 2 new full bathrooms that are gorgeous and fixed up the 3rd floor to be my sons teen hang out space. We are all happy in this house. If I had known he would stay in budget I would have taken on more projects! ;) Thank you Bryan! I love my house!  Liz Halle...Chevy Chase, Maryland


04 contact

Dovetail Construction Management LLC

4938 Hampden Lane #416

Bethesda, MD 20814


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